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Faculty Attend Cisco Networking Academy Retooling Event

Jeff B. Weaver, assistant professor of electronics, Curt Conrad, systems engineering manager for Cisco, and Stan G. Boler, associate professor of electronics.Taking some of their spring break time to catch up with emerging network communications technologies, Jeff B. Weaver, assistant professor, and Stan G. Boler, associate professor, both faculty in the electronics and computer engineering technology department, visited the Cisco New England Development Center in Boxborough, Mass.

Cisco Systems engineers gave presentations on what Curt Conrad, systems engineering manager, described as the three major influences in technology: unified communications, wireless mobility and information security.

Weaver and Boler were also shown a demonstration of new “presence” technologies that allow people to communicate and collaborate no matter their physical location.

“These are the major growth areas in our business, and we strongly encourage higher education to prepare their graduates to enter these markets,” Conrad said.

“While these new technology applications are very exciting and will be important productivity enhancers, they are all based on fundamental networking technology, and that means students must first tackle the basics. Certifications help ensure that basic knowledge and skill set are in place,” he added.

Penn College is a Cisco Networking Academy, providing classes in CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification. For more information on classes, see Weaver in ATHS, RoomE121, or send him an e-mail.

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