ESC Tree-Planting Honors Retired Horticulture Faculty Member

Dave Foresman shares warm remarks about the contributions of Dennis E. Fink to the field of horticulture.

Current Penn College landscape/horticulture technology students, School of Natural Resources Management employees and Brickman staff gather to celebrate the tree-planting.

Dennis E. Fink, (center), celebrates with his wife and adjunct faculty member, Christine A.; and Dave Foresman.

Brickman, a leader in the commercial landscaping industry, purchased and donated a tree that was planted last month at Penn College’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center in honor of retired faculty member Dennis E. Fink. The  winter king hawthorn tree, a variety known for its ability to provide color all four seasons, was planted by Brickman staff with the assistance of former and current students. Brickman’s Dave Foresman, an advisory board member and longtime supporter of the landscape/horticulture program at Penn College, remarked, “His dedication to students and to this institution was  remarkable.  Often, individuals aren’t recognized for the impact they make on young people. Students knew he was genuine and, because of that, (he) formed strong relationships with many Penn College students.” The May retiree received the college’s Master Teacher honor in 1997. The tree, planted outside the Idea Garden, will serve as a stately reminder throughout the year of the impact Fink had on students, alumni and the industry during his 38-year career.
Photos by Carol A. Lugg, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management

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Congratulations Mr. Fink!!! Lots of memories with you and Chris. Thank you for your dedication to your students.

Class of 98 and 99.

Posted by Janet (Brown) Hale at January 10, 2013 at 9:58 am

In those early years at WACC, Mr. Fink taught me a lot about the floral industry, thanks.

Posted by Mike McNamara at January 10, 2013 at 11:52 am

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