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Environmentally Conscious SGA Goes ‘Paperless’

SGA sets 'paperless' exampleIn an effort to lessen their impact on the environment and natural resources, the Penn College’s Student Government Association has begun the process of going “paperless.” Inspired by the desires of students, SGA’s Executive Board decided it would use technologies, such as the organization’s Web site and the recently implemented SharePoint program known as the myPCT portal to make this environmentally friendly goal a reality.During the 2007-08 academic year, SGA began making its budgeting process “paperless” and, beginning in January, meeting agendas and minutes will go digital, as well. This alone will cut back approximately 1,600 pages used per year. Brian D. Walton,association president, remarked, “Going paperless not only lessens our draw on natural resources, it more importantly provides an example for other groups and offices on campus and in the Williamsport community to follow as we enter into this environmentally conscious era.”

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