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Entire College Community Urged to Take Part in ‘Recyclemania’ Competition

Employees and students alike are encouraged to deposit their reusable material - no separating is necessary under 'single-stream' recycling - as the college competes with its counterparts across the country in Recyclemania. Green receptacles are available across campus to aid the waste-reduction effort (the tan Dumpsters are for trash).From Jan. 17-March 27,Pennsylvania College of Technology again will participate in Recyclemania a friendly competition to promote waste reduction among America’s colleges and universities. And with the recent switch to “single-stream” collection, in which faculty/staff and students no longer need to separate recyclables, it is easier than ever to be environmentally conscious while further decreasing the volume of trash headed for the landfill.

This year’s local effort is coordinated by Kevin W. Johnson, environmental specialist for General Services, who encourages the college community to use the green receptacles tagged with appropriate decals for recycling. (The tan Dumpsters are used for trash and nonrecyclable materials.)

Items collected as recyclable are:

  • Aluminum (soda cans).
  • Cardboard and paperboard (pizza and cereal boxes).
  • Glass (bottles and jars).
  • Paper (books, printer paper, newsprint, envelopes, magazines and catalogues, junk mail).
  • Plastics (Classes 1-7 detergent and drink bottles, yogurt containers, fast-food coffee cups, takeout containers).
  • Tin (soup and tuna cans).

Waste Management Inc., Penn College’s trash hauler, will provide figures on the amount of material deposited in the recycling bins. The college will be judged among its competitors on the basis of total pounds collected; weekly results will be announced by the College and University Recycling Council throughout the contest and posted on the Recyclemania Web site.

Watch PCToday for more on this year’s competition.

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