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Enthusiastic Campus Opens Arms for Student ‘Welcome’

Where were you on 8/18/18? If you are a newcomer to Penn College, you memorably marked that numerologically intriguing date by starting student life on a most hospitable campus! With the exception of an afternoon cloudburst, first-year arrivals breezed through check-in and move-in … before hoofing it to Rose Street Commons for an employee-led ovation, introductory remarks, fireworks and a hypnotist. Sunday rounded out Welcome Weekend with more orientation, information and last-minute answers in advance of Monday’s start of Fall 2018 classes.

– Photos by Cindy Davis Meixel, writer/photo editor; Rachel A. Eirmann, student photographer;
Tom Wilson, writer/editor-PCToday; and Carol A. Lugg, dean of construction and design technologies


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