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Energy Conservation Subcommittee: Don’t Waste Opportunity to Compost at Home

Composting makes a difference … andyou can make a difference when you dispose of certain food and outdoor-grounds waste. When you throw something away, it doesn’t end up there; there’s a much larger impact. Composting often is considered one of the most effective and sustainable activities. Create a recycling system in your own back yard. Food scraps (nonmeat) peels, shells, tea bags, hair and dryer lint (if you don’t air dry) all are acceptable ways to enhance the soil and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and solid waste. It’s an easy process, but it takes time. Get the garden ready or an area you’d like to redesign in your own back yard. This week’s Green Tip is provided by Penn College’s Energy Conservation Subcommittee, which suggests a visit to the Earth911 website for more specific instructions on how to start a compost pile.

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