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Employees Score Too Late; Students Pick Up Whiffle-Ball Win

The student team, on its way to a decisive win Bardo Gym hosts a game not often seen under its roof The staff/faculty challengers In the first-ever Staff/Faculty vs. Students whiffle-ball game Wednesday night in Bardo Gym, the students came out swinging and scored seven runs in the first two innings. The staff/faculty team scored once in the bottom of the third and twice more in the bottom of the sixth inning. But, just as they had done to the ball for most of the night, the students crushed the employees’ hopes by scoring three more runs in the top of the last inning. In the end, the staff/faculty team went down 1-2-3 to give the students a 10-3 victory in the inaugural game. Members of the student team were Tommy Walton, Dylan Lackey, Adam Smith, Mike Smith, Skylar Gingrich, Harrison Myers, Kevin Fink and Garret Hornung. Their opponents were Eric Ranck, Dan Warner, Scott Kennell, Chester Rogers, Mike Paulhamus, Andrea Harmon, Matt Strayer and Jeremy Bottorf (who also provided the game summary and photos).

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