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Employee ‘Open House’ Held to Showcase Stage X Renovations

Barbara J. Albert, program specialist, early childhood education, points out the video-monitoring system that allows students to observe youngsters in the nearby Children's Learning Center. Among those braving Tuesday's bitter cold to tour the area were Brenda A. Wiegand, secretary to the special assistant for student affairs/student development (center), and Deb A. Dougherty, secretary to the special assistant to the president for student affairs.Penn College faculty and staff had the opportunity to tour recently renovated facilities during a special Stage X “Open House” from 3-4:30 p.m. Tuesday. Open for employee inspection were the Avco-Lycoming Metal Trades Center’s welding facility, the science laboratories and Children’s Learning Center/early childhood space in the Hager Lifelong Education Center, and laboratories in the Parkes Automotive Technology Center all tremendous opportunities for students that were made possible by the Stage X improvements.

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