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Eight Penn College Students Attain Belt Rankings at Martial Arts Event

The Penn College Martial Arts Team closed out its 2013-14 season Saturday with a training seminar and belt-promotion testing. Approximately 50 people from various clubs joined Penn College’s Mathew D. Johnson, Alexander J. Hilton, Jeremy P.  Hansen, Lewis C. Muya, Eric M. Russell, Carlos A. Ramos-Sonera, Brayan S. Ramos and Elijah J. Brown in the college’s Field House. For the host students, it was a very successful effort. Johnson, Hilton and Hansen all achieved purple-belt rankings; Muya and Russell achieved orange-belt rank; and Ramos-Sonera, Ramos and Brown were awarded yellow-belt ranking on their first test. The returning students will test their new skills next fall during the East Coast Collegiate Karate Union slate of tournaments.

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