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Earth Smart Members, Adviser Take Part in Cleanup

Earth Smart members Matthew J. Updegrove and Corey W. Myers, at right Foul-weather friends of the environment  including Matthew J. Updegrove, far left in third row; Corey W. Myers, in knit cap, standing next to him; and Debra J. Buckman, hooded and in front of Myers  take part in a sinkhole cleanup on Nov. 5 Faculty member Debra J. Buckman, right, takes part in rainy-day cleanup Two members of the Earth Smart club, along with their adviser, participated in a sinkhole cleanup in the Rauchtown area on Saturday, Nov. 5. Environmental technology management students Matthew J. Updegrove, Selinsgrove, and Corey W. Myers, Boiling Springs along with Debra J. Buckman, assistant professor of environmental technology in Penn College’s School of Natural Resources Management helped remove 4.74 tons of debris from a sinkhole along Pine Mountain Road in Limestone Township, Lycoming County. The cleanup was a joint venture among the Clinton County CleanScapes, the Nippenose Watershed Association, Leadership Clinton County and Lock Haven University Mt. Serve Vista students. Much of the trash removed from the location was recycled. The Earth Smart club provides technical support services, in the way of watershed testing, for the Greater Nippenose Valley Watershed Association. This is done eight times during the school year.

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