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Discover forest technology at Penn College

Imagine a career where you can spend your days in the great outdoors. With a degree in forest technology, profiled on Penn College’s YouTube channel, that future could be yours! Learn what goes into sustainable woodland management. Follow the life cycle of growth from seedlings and germination to maturity and harvest. Get boots-on-the-ground experience in the Schneebeli Earth Science Center’s 100-acre experimental forest and soak in lots of valuable insight from experienced instructors. “The management of forestland is very important,” says Paul R. South, a 2016 forest technology graduate now employed with Danzer Veneer in Williamsport. “If you just had people going out there and cutting willy-nilly, then you’re gonna end up with some pretty terrible forests.” At Penn College, hands-on learning comes to life through more than 100 diverse majors for high-demand careers – including those in the forestry industry.

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