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Deuces wild on this once-in-a-lifetime ‘Twosday’

From tacos to tutoring to Twix and beyond, Penn College students were treated to a super “Twosday” this week as the calendar hit 2/22/22. The Real Taste food truck visited the campus mall, where the first 50 students received $10 vouchers for lunch; the LEAP Center hosted a make-your-own-T-shirt activity while serving up sweet treats; and Tutoring Services – temporarily dedicated to “Two-toring” – invited students to bring a friend. Other activities included a photo backdrop for friends or roommates dressed as twins in the Bush Campus Center lobby, and a Tik-Tok Tuesday dance challenge timed for 2:22 p.m.

– Photos by Alexis M. Burrell and Kollin G. Kisner, student photographers


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