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Dance Instructor Helps Students, Faculty ‘Swing’ Into Finals

Tony Thomke and his partner demonstrate Bright smiles and new steps Under the Penn's Inn lights Getting the hang of itMore than 35 students (and a few faculty members) attended Wednesday’s final Residence Hall Association event of the semester, learning to do the cha-cha at Swing Dance Night in Penn’s Inn. “This event was a unique opportunity for students to learn a type of dancing they might not otherwise explore,” said Lee R. Plenn, coordinator of residence life. “Our special guest, Tony Thomke a local resident who has competed in multiple professional dance competitions impressed all who attended with his ability to connect with our students and make the evening fun for all in attendance.” Alonso Marchinski, a member of the RHA Executive Board, attended one of Thomke’s dance class and suggested bringing him on campus. “Many students asked after the event if it could be repeated in the future,” Plenn said. “It is a real tribute to the RHA exec board that they created such a buzz with this program. Residence Life extends a special ‘Thank you’ to everyone that contributed to the final RHA event of the year. It truly was Dancing With Penn College’s Own Stars!” Photos by Plenn and Travis M. Sawyer, RHA secretary

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