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Cyberattacks, ‘Internet of Things’ Topics of Next Colloquium

As part of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Technology & Society Colloquia Series, faculty member and forensic accounting expert William E. Ebersole will discuss how the burgeoning “internet of things” exposes us to digital intrusions that may seek more than personally identifiable information.

Ebersole’s talk, titled “Cyberattacks: The Weapon of Choice of Criminals, Terrorists and Spies,” is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 4 in the Klump Academic Center Auditorium.

Ebersole is a part-time instructor of accounting at Penn College, teaching a course in Forensic Accounting.

During his talk, Ebersole will explore how our increased reliance on internet-connectivity exposes us to not only personal attacks, but business attacks, infrastructure attacks and cyberespionage. Because we are using the internet not only to access information, but to control tangible systems, such as natural gas pipelines, digital warfare can expose the public to physical harm.

Ebersole will discuss threats that have or could touch us close to home, and when digital intrusions become an act of war.

Ebersole holds degrees from Marywood University and Penn State-Dickinson School of Law. He recently received a graduate certificate in cybersecurity from La Salle University. He is a licensed attorney, certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner.

A question-and-answer period will follow Ebersole’s Penn College presentation in the auditorium; the conversation can also resume during a reception that will follow downstairs in the Wrapture dining unit.

Honoring Daniel J. Doyle, professor emeritus and Penn College’s 1984 Master Teacher, the Colloquia Series features presentations by noted authors and academics who challenge audiences to consider the impact of technology on society.

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