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Culinary Contestants Rise to ‘Mystery Basket Challenge’

Appetizers: Top, team Heads' 'winter gratin,' and bottom, team Tails' vegetable macaroni hash with poached egg, wood-oven roasted rabbit chops and a brandy citrus sauce Team Tails' Marlee M. Horchen works behind the line Team Heads' Katelyn R. Ciavardini and Aimee M. Stout add finishing touches to the entrée they call 'rabbit two ways' Darnell R. Bungy, right, of team Tails, explains his entrée  a roasted rabbit sandwich, vegetable napoleon and risotto cake with bacon, mushrooms and onions, to judges Mary G. Trometter and Christopher R. Grove Tasting judge Christopher R. Grove, '08, of the Williamsport Country Club, talks with students about their dishesSenior students in the culinary arts and systems major raced against the clock to create three dishes that would impress the judges during the first cooking challenge in their Culinary Competition and Skills Assessment course. Serving as judges were the Williamsport Country Club’s Chef Christopher R. Grove, a 2008 alumnus and part-time instructor of culinary arts, and their instructor, Chef Mary G. Trometter, assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts. Using four ingredients revealed two days before macaroni, juniper berries, butternut squash and bacon plus two secret ingredients rabbit and lager revealed at the opening of the recent competition, the students split into two teams to create an appetizer, entrée and dessert. Team Heads, made up of Skylar K. Burke, of Warriors Mark; Katelyn R. Ciavardini, of Sayre; Kevin W. Pysher, of East Stroudsburg; Angela J. Snyder, of Lock Haven; and Aimee M. Stout, if Middletown, N.Y., narrowly defeated team Tails, made up of Darnell R. Bungy, of Williamsport; Rachel M. Emmons, of Washington, N.J.; Marlee M. Horchen, of Johnsonburg; Cody J. Miller, of Cogan Station; and Robert L. Robinson, of Sunbury.

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