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Construction Management Seniors Share Insight on Career Opportunities

Seniors open others' eyes to job potential in construction management.
Seniors open others’ eyes to job potential in construction management.

In their ongoing efforts to attract students to Penn College’s four-year construction management major, seniors Benjamin J. Stover (left) and David S. Price attended the ACE Mentor Program’s College Fair held Tuesday afternoon at the John Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia. Baker, of Stroudsburg, and Stover, of Hershey, are helping to recruit students as part of their capstone project in the School of Construction and Design Technologies. While many student prospects are aware of potential careers in such fields as architecture and engineering, fewer are familiar with construction managers’ vital part in shepherding  building projects into reality. Instructor Brad  Martin, who also provided the photo, joined the students in spreading the word about the college’s nationally accredited program.

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