Concrete Work Underway for Commemorative Landmark

Students abide a blistering hot Wednesday to get the job done.

Students in instructor Franklin H. Reber’s Concrete Construction lab have built the reinforced forms for the first of three hexagonal pads that will be the basis for Penn College’s Recognition Garden outside the Bush Campus Center. While two other classes will be assigned the remaining pads, this group will return to the site next week to pour concrete. Each of the three sections will eventually hold six vertical pillars, onto which will be installed plaques duplicating the information on deteriorating bricks that now line the main campus entrance off Maynard Street.

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I am really proud of what our students can do and what they give back to the college and the community through their labors and knowledge! Great job to all the students in BCT238!

Posted by Marc Bridgens at September 8, 2016 at 7:54 am

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