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Composting Topic for ‘Green Tip of the Week’

This week’s green tip, a cooperative venture of The Energy Conservation Subcommittee of Penn College’s Governance system and the School of Natural Resources Management’s Horticulture Department, is sponsored by the Horticulture Club: Home composting is an effective way to reduce waste. Yard and kitchen waste can be recycled through composting. The finished product is a wonderful soil amendment that can be applied to all areas of the lawn and garden to improve soil texture and add important micronutrients. Not only is it beneficial to your own lawn, it is beneficial to cities, towns and the county by reducing the amount of waste going to the landfills. (Contacts for the “Green Tip of the Week” feature are Gail B. Landers , group leader at the Children’s Learning Center and a subcommittee member, and Carl J. Bower Jr. , horticulture instructor.)

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