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Competitors, audience welcome robots’ comeback contest

The Student Wildcats of Robotic Design sponsored a well-received Fall Robot Competition in Penn College’s Field House on Saturday, a daylong return to battle after a COVID-related break in the action. “After a one-year hiatus of a public SWORD event, I think the turnout was fantastic,” said Ryan J. Bohenek, of Bloomsburg, club president (and a welding and fabrication engineering technology student). “New SWORD members for this year got a taste of what they can achieve when they put their minds to it. Some members had great success with their designs, achieving multiple wins and only suffering minor damage. Others found some ‘flaws’ in their designs and learned what worked and what did not. But never did a single member give up or throw in the towel. Through teamwork and problem-solving, everyone in the club put their minds together to make sure every member of the SWORD club had a blast, and everyone is excited for next year.”

1-pound weight class winners
First place – Antonio Sesto, “Off-Brand Paper Towels”
Second place – Nate Franklin, “Slim Pickens”
Third place – Seth Shaffer, “Mini Mulcher”

3-pound weight class winners
First place – Brandon Nichols, “Mondo Bizarro”
Second place – Danielle Flannery, “Purple Nation Army”
Third place – Nate Franklin, “Thunder Child”

– Photos by Kollin G. Kisner, student photographer; winners’ photos provided by SWORD

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