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Communications Subcommittee Announces New Ways to Stay in Touch With Governance

Do you have a problem or concern that you’d like to bring to Governance? Use the new online “My Voice” form to tell us about an issue that you feel should be addressed by Governance. Using a valid Pennsylvania College of Technology e-mail address, any employee or student can submit topics for consideration.

Would you like to stay abreast of current Governance issues and actions? Subscribe to the new Governance listserv. Subscribers will receive e-mail updates on Governance activities, including the upcoming elections season, which begins in a few weeks.

Would you rather talk directly to a Governance committee member? Or would you like to know what items will be discussed in an upcoming meeting? The Governance Web site has all of this information and more. From this year’s roster of Governance representatives to each committee’s agenda and minutes, everything you need to know to get involved is at your fingertips.

Do you want to know more about how Penn College’s internal Governance system works? Be sure to check out the newly amended Governance Bylaws, available as a PDF on the Governance Web site or as a Word document on the college’s network at F:publicDOCSGovernance.

If you have questions or want to learn more about getting involved, send e-mail to Governance.

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