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Committee Urges Shoppers, ‘Green Your Bag!’

This week’s Green Tip, offered by Penn College Energy Conservation Subcommittee representative Gail B. Landers and Earth 911, tackles “the bag dilemma.” The College Store provides bags made of recycled grocery bags and also sells other varieties of reusable bags as part of an all-college green endeavor. Plastic is lightweight, holds much and requires less energy in manufacturing, including less water. It’s fully recyclable (most people reuse), but not disposable. Reusable bags may be made from recycled #1 plastic, recycled cotton (using less water and human energy consumption) and hemp. Most of the biodegradable and compostable bags do not break down in nature. Think quality, not quantity, when choosing the most sustainable material to make your bag last longer. Shop smart, reduce virgin material consumption and look for sustainable packaging. Green your bag! The Energy Conservation Subcommittee co-sponsors this weekly feature with the Horticulture Club. Contacts are Landers , also a group leader at the Children’s Learning Center, and Carl J. Bower Jr. , horticulture instructor.

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