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Coloring Book Provides Fun Way to Explore Career Options

Pennsylvania College of Technology%E2%80%99s wildcat mascot ponders his career options throughout a new coloring book produced by the college and reproduced online.Appreciating that you’re never too young to chart a career path and never too old to take crayons in hand Pennsylvania College of Technology recently produced a playful way for children of all ages to find that dream job.

The 24-page coloring book titled “What does the Wildcat want to be when it grows up?” and featuring the institution’s mascot in a variety of career fields represented by Penn College’s “degrees that work” was developed by the College Information & Community Relations Office.

It took the talents of many staff to create the book and supporting website. Deborah K. Peters, graphic designer, and Larry D. Kauffman, digital publishing specialist, played key roles in illustrating the book. Peters hand drew all the illustrations and Kauffman digitized them. Shawn P. McGehean, Web designer, developed the supporting website.

“One of the most important questions we answer in our lives is “˜What do I want to be when I grow up?’ Yet, many children know very little about a large number of careers that are necessary in the 21st century,” said Elaine J. Lambert, director of college information and community relations. “We hope this coloring book helps children become more aware of the wide range of careers and leads them to consider new opportunities that can enrich their lives.”

Penn College volunteers handed out 2,000 coloring books along the Grand Slam Parade route during the Aug. 19 kickoff to this year’s Little League Baseball World Series. Copies also will be distributed during January’s Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Coloring book pages also can be downloaded from the college website. Twenty pages, depicting the Wildcat in careers as varied as automotive technology and hospitality management, have been reproduced at a dedicated Web page , where they can be printed, completed and returned to the institution for online display.

For more about Penn College, visit online , e-mail or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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