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Collision Repair Student Included in National Geographic Documentary

Student has role in documentaryA freshman collision repair technology student is part ofthe vehicle-restoration crew featured in “Car Czar: Amphicar,” to be rebroadcast at 3 p.m. Jan. 21 on the National Geographic Channel. Stephen P. Schwartz, of Huntingdon Valley,was a senior atLower Moreland High School when he wasrecommended by a teacherfor an internshipwiththe Marquis Auto Restoration Shop in Philadelphia. The documentary chronicles the Marquis team’s transformation of an Amphicar, a rare 1967 German-builtautomobile that could drive on water.Schwartz is halfway through his first year in Penn College’s School of Transportation Technology; his participation in the production was shared with school officials by his mother. ” I want to take this chanceto tell you how highly we think of (Penn College) and are very pleased that Stephen choseand was accepted into your program,” Marilyn Schwartz added. “We are very comfortable with him being thereand with the future you are helping him to build.”

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