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Collision Repair Graduate Returns for Q&A With Students

Ryan M. Arnold, back at his alma mater Ryan M. Arnold, of Limerick, who graduated in December 2006 with an associate degree in collision repair technology, shared his industry insight with several classes of Penn College students Monday afternoon. Returning to a College Avenue Labs classroom, not far from the spacious laboratory space that dwarfs the Limerick Auto Body shop where he works, the 25-year-old espoused a conscientious work ethic and patiently earning one’s credibility with an employer, and urged students to appreciate both Penn College’s top-notch facilities and the benefits ofearning a degree. “There’s a real market for young technicians right now,” he said. “You can turn a wrench and make a pretty good living at it, but there’s a big difference between a mechanic and a mechanic who knows what’s wrong a mechanic who can explain why you’re having this problem and how to fix it.”

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