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College Wins Silver Award in National In-Plant Printing Competition

A combination offset/digital publication has garnered a silver award for Printing and Document Services at Pennsylvania College of Technology, which received national recognition in the only competition held exclusively for in-plant printing operations.

Penn College’s in-house department was one of only 29 nationwide to be honored by In-Plant Graphics and the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association, the sponsoring organizations that reviewed more than 400 entries in 36 competition categories.

Penn College projects were submitted in three competition categories, with the silver award in the “hybrid” competition presented during the IPMA conference in Charleston, S.C.

The award spotlighted a booklet titled “I Am,” which was prepared for The Gallery at Penn College during last fall’s exhibit by artist-in-residence Antonio Puri. The final project used both the college’s Heidelberg multicolor press and the Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus digital equipment.

The winning publication was supervised by Raymond J. Fischer Jr., manager of document services; printed by Jody L. Fausey, pressroom production specialist; and finished by Sara M. Ulrich, mail and document services’ technician/floater.

“Ray could walk into any shop and take it over. He’s a stickler on quality,” said Joseph G. Geffre, director of mail, document and shipping/receiving services. “When it’s coming out of your in-plant, your signature is on it. “¦ your fingerprints are all over it. This department takes quality seriously; there’s a real pride in the institution.”

Headquartered in the Breuder Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center, Printing and Document Services functions both as an in-plant shop providing a variety of printed materials to the college and as a hands-on laboratory for students enrolled in graphic communications and related majors.

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