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College West RAs Bring Touch of Summer to Mid-March

RA Brian Walton mans the grill The College West Resident Assistants are at it again. Tuesday night, at the apartment complex courtyard, the Residence Life RA staff held an outdoor barbeque event: “Bring Your Own Meat!” The RAs inspired almost 50 residents to come out and enjoy a midsummer picnic/grilling atmosphere in mid-March. The entire staff should be applauded because they all had a hand in some part of this community initiative. The event was designed as a feeder program into the “Rock-n-Roll Egg Hunt” held at the Campus Center. Special thanks go out to residents of Delaware Hall for extra help in ensuring such a large program ran smoothly. One resident even spent a good amount of time cooking for his fellow students. Special thanks to resident cook Aaron Kratz, along with RA Brian Walton, for their grilling expertise. ( Photo provided by Residence Life)

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