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College Town Welcomes Penn College Student to Leadership Role

College Town initiative connects students to surrounding community.Penn College freshman Diego Silva, an Information Technology student from Springfield, Va., has been named co-chair of the student subcommittee of the College Town Committee. Also serving as co-chair is Jennifer Mazaika, a junior from Lycoming College.

The committee, which is part of the Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, includes local government and business leaders, as well as student and staff representatives from Penn College, Lycoming College and Newport Business Institute, who work together to promote local activities and events that connect students to the community.

Diego and Penn College Student Government Association President Jim Riedel are active participants with the committee.

The student subcommittee has been formed to suggest activities and events to attract college students into the local community.

Other Penn College representatives on the College Town Committee are Elaine Lambert, director of college information and community relations; Dan Little, Web programmer/analyst; and Riedel. Please feel free to contact any of these individuals with your ideas, questions and concerns regarding College Town.

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