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College reopens; LEC remains closed

Pennsylvania College of Technology reopened at 6 a.m. Thursday; however, due to some remaining issues with the delivery of electrical power and heat (caused by a broken pipe in a sprinkler system) the Hager Lifelong Education Center (LEC) remains closed through Sunday.

All classes scheduled in the LEC for Thursday, Friday and Saturday are canceled.

Other areas affected include the Keystone Dining Room, the Dunham Children’s Learning Center and Le Jeune Chef Restaurant, all of which remain closed through Sunday.

All other classes, in all other buildings on campus, will proceed as scheduled beginning Thursday morning – including those held in the adjacent Bardo Gymnasium and the Carl Building Technologies Center – as well as all courses offered online.

Temporary relocations through Sunday are:

  • The office for the School of Construction & Design Technologies moves to the Center for Business & Workforce Development.
  • The office for the School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies moves to the Breuder Advanced Technology & Health Sciences Center (ATHS), Rooms 257-260.
  • College Athletics moves to the Bush Campus Center (CC), Room 153.
  • The Office of Assessment Research and Planning moves to the Madigan Library.
  • The Office of Facilities and Events moves to the Student & Administrative Services Center, executive offices, third floor north.
  • Dining Services moves to the Capitol Eatery (which will be open 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m. Thursday and 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Friday).

All phone extensions remain the same during these temporary relocations.

Faculty whose offices are located in the LEC, but have classes scheduled elsewhere, are expected to hold those classes. School offices are assisting in finding office space for faculty.

All of the changes were necessitated by an event taking place early Tuesday morning. Extremely low temperatures caused a water line to break in the building sprinkler system in the LEC.

Electrical and mechanical panels and associated equipment in the LEC were compromised, immediately impacting heating systems and electrical power in that facility, as well as the BTC and Bardo Gym. The main power on campus is channeled through the LEC.

The potential for additional compromised systems – or power interruptions in other facilities across campus – compelled the administration to close the college at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, cancel all Tuesday and Wednesday classes, and send most employees home.

Contractors with expertise in restoring services after incidents like these were summoned to campus to inspect and assess high- and low-voltage electrical components and to test, repair and bring affected systems back online.

Crews from the college’s General Services department continue to help with remediation of the water damage in the control area of the LEC.

Representatives of PPL have also assisted in a consultative capacity during the event.

There is no danger posed to students or employees. The LEC remains closed through the weekend, though the BTC and Bardo Gym will reopen with some limitations. A number of dining units remain open on main campus. Other student services – such as the Madigan Library, the Fitness Center and the Field House – are not affected.

Some on-campus events featuring outside entities have been rescheduled; others are proceeding as planned. The college administration thanks students, faculty and staff for their patience while the affected systems are repaired and restored to service.

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