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College to Provide Fiscal Aid to Williamsport Area School District

Recognizing the fiscal needs of the Williamsport Area School District, Pennsylvania College of Technology has proposed to pay more than $50,000 and provide various academic and consulting services to the school system over a five-year period beginning July 1, pending approval by the College’s Board of Directors.

As a nonprofit entity, Penn College is exempted from real-estate and other taxes under state law. But under a May 21 agreement with the school district, the College has agreed to make an annual commitment of $10,500 and provide an array of at-cost services and reduced-fee courses through June 30, 2007.

For the cost of materials only, the College will provide internships as well as services by students and faculty in career areas such as heavy construction equipment technology; building-related trades; heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology; electronics; welding; vehicle maintenance; forestry; landscape/nursery technology; turf-grass management; and automotive technology. The College will also offer professional-development training for teachers and administrators, as well as consulting services on various matters.

In addition, eligible students in the school district will be able to take advanced courses at the College (for high-school credit) at a 50-percent reduction in cost when space is available.

“We are pleased to provide financial assistance and professional services to the Williamsport Area School District as specified in this agreement,” said Penn College President Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour. “While the College is not obligated under law to offer this support, we recognize the importance of the district fulfilling its educational mission, and we will continue to explore ways to enhance our relationship.”

Dr. Gilmour said the Penn College Board is aware of the agreement and is supportive. The board will consider the matter at its June 20 regular meeting.

The superintendent of the Williamsport Area School District, Dr. Patricia A. Lowery, said “The Williamsport Area School District is pleased to engage in this partnership with the Pennsylvania College of Technology.”

She said the agreement allows both organizations to fulfill their commitment to improve the educational status of the communities they serve.

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