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College Store Rewards Student Groups for Textbook Recycling

The College Store has joined with the Student Government Association at Pennsylvania College of Technology to promote recycled textbooks and reward student organizations who generate the most participation.

The College Store is working to expand awareness among faculty and students of the value of reusing textbooks. To celebrate the end of the 2008 academic year, student organizations are competing for votes and prize money in the store’s “Cash for Clubs” promotion.

Starting May 5, students that sell textbooks back to The College Store get to vote for the student organization they think is doing the best to promote reusing textbooks. At the close of the semester, those votes will be totaled and translated to dollars to be divided among the student groups who receive the most votes.

“We recognize the commitment that student organizations at Penn College have to their members,” said Matthew Branca, director of The College Store. “With this event, we can help translate that commitment to actual dollars. Current students are paid for selling their books to the bookstore and students next semester can save money buying these books for their classes.”

Student organizations are promoting their participation among students with signs and coupons. Starting May 5, when a student sells back a book to The College Store, he or she will get a poker chip in addition to receiving cash. The student then uses that chip to “vote” for his or her favorite club or organization by placing the chip into the jug of their club. The more visits a student makes, the more votes for the designated club. Club members also have a limited number of coupons that, when presented, will provide them with two chips instead of one.

The clubs with the most “votes” will get various dollar amounts placed into their accounts. Prizes range from $50 all the way up to $350.

Student clubs and organizations are encouraged to stop by The College Store textbook department as soon as possible to sign up to participate in this promotion.

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