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College Presents Distinguished Staff, Part-Time Teaching Awards

Pennsylvania College of Technology presented 2011 Distinguished Staff Awards to, from left, Sharon McFadden Weiler, secretary to the director of general services; Kimberly R. Cassel, director of student activities; and Chad L. Karstetter, horticulturist. A Part-Time Teaching Award was presented to Judy W. DeGregorio, at right, part-time instructor of mathematics. Pennsylvania College of Technology on Thursday presented Distinguished Staff and Part-Time Teaching Awards. The college also recognized new members of its Quarter Century Club (for 25 years of service) and employees retiring in the 2010-11 academic year.

Presented annually, the Distinguished Staff Awards honor the contributions of Penn College employees, who are nominated by their co-workers. Awards were presented to one employee from each of three job classifications − Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT); Classified; and Service.

Distinguished Staff Awards were presented to Kimberly R. Cassel, director of student activities (APT); Sharon McFadden Weiler, secretary to the director of general services (Classified); and Chad L. Karstetter, horticulturist (Service).

A Part-Time Teaching Award was presented to Judy W. DeGregorio, part-time instructor of mathematics.

Cassel began at Penn College as assistant director of student activities in 2004; she has been director of student activities since March 2008.

Of Cassel, a nominator said: “Kim has worked on some of the most significant changes to student life we have had since becoming Penn College. She was a key player in the transition to the extremely successful summer orientation program, Connections. She led the effort to create a Greek Life program. Student Activities has reintroduced its leadership development program, expanded community-service and service-learning programs, targeted first-year students for greater involvement, and made needed facility improvements to the Bush Campus Center.”

Another supporter said: “Kim has the power to empower her employees, to come up with new ideas and try new things. I never feel like she is too busy, and she is always willing to answer a question. That might seem like an easy task, but, when there are seven employees in the office, that can be a lot of questions!”

McFadden Weiler, who holds an associate degree from Penn College in business secretarial/medical, joined the college in 1977 and has held her current position since September 1986.

“She is the heart of the office at General Services; without her knowledge, we would all be lost,” one of her nominators wrote. “There are times when the phones are ringing off the hook and radio transmissions filling the air she somehow remains calm and handles everything professionally.”

“Sharon is absolutely obsessive about the quality of work that leaves our office,” a co-worker added. “Having someone who always wants the job done right gives me great confidence in all she does.” Another shared, “Sharon’s attitude is that everyone, pulling together, can make Penn College a better place to work and a better place for our students to get a true education.”

Karstetter earned his associate degree in forest technology from Penn College.

“He came on as an entry-level groundskeeper, but by his exemplary work ethic and conduct, has risen to the level of lead person,” one of Karstetter’s colleagues said. “He is an excellent staff member, no matter what task he is doing whether laying out a soccer field or riding in an articulating bucket while cutting down a tree on campus.”

“The single most important factor ensuring the successful future of (the college’s) horticulture department involves employing and developing personnel of the highest quality,” another said. “Chad has distinguished himself among his peers and demonstrated an exemplary record during his career at Penn College.” Another noted: “Chad establishes and maintains a harmonious working relationship with those contacted in the course of his work. He interacts extremely well with the public and, through being the Penn College archery coach, (with) students.”

DeGregorio, who teaches mathematics in the School of Integrated Studies, also received this Part-Time Teaching Award in 2003.

Of DeGregorio, her nominator said: “Generates excitement for learning “¦ even if math is your weakness.”

Other nominating comments for DeGregorio are: “She is quick to offer positive reinforcement when students answer a question correctly, while offering encouragement and patient assistance when a student answers incorrectly.”

“She happily gives extra time to her students and displays an obvious interest in and concern for her students as individuals. She takes time to learn their names, and provides much one-on-one assistance, especially to those who are having difficulty.”

Among the college's newest members of the Quarter Century Club are, front row from left: Sharon McFadden Weiler, Debra A. Sanders, Carol A. Dudek, Susan K. Clark-Teisher, Virginia L. Michael, Sharon K. Waters and David L. Turney. Back row, from left: Calvetta A. Walker, Janet A. Sherman, Kay E. Dunkleberger, Crystal D. Michael, Barbara J. Natell, Judy F. McConnell, Jeffrey B. Weaver, Keith M. Whitesel, Thomas J. Mulfinger, Wayne E. Gebhart and Dennis L. Correll. Quarter Century Club members honored for 25 years’ service to the college, are: Susan K. Clark-Teisher, Dennis L. Correll, Kay E. Dunkleberger, Crystal D. Michael, Virginia L. Michael, Barbara J. Natell, Debra A. Sanders, Connie M. Vitolins and Sharon K. Waters, APT; Karen R. Armanda and Sharon McFadden Weiler, Classified; Clint K. Ault and Carol A. Dudek, Service; and Wayne E. Gebhart, Ronald L. Hartzell, Karl E. Markowicz, Judy F. McConnell, Thomas J. Mulfinger, Janet A. Sherman, David L. Turney, Calvetta A. Walker, Jeffrey B. Weaver and Keith M. Whitesel, Faculty.

A number of Penn College's 2010-11 retirees gather for a breakfast reception Thursday morning. Front row, from left: Nancy C. Bowers, Francesca Troutman, Gloria J. Hackenburg, Edythe R. Sober, Virginia L. Fedorowicz and Donna M. Vaughn. Back row, from left: Gail B. Landers, Marilyn G. Bodnar, Elizabeth A. Dahlgren, Judith P. Shimp, Billie K. Spotts, Michael H. Miller and Phillip D. Landers. The 2010-11 retirees who were honored are: Marilyn G. Bodnar, Nancy C. Bowers, Linda D. Cheyney, Elizabeth A. Dahlgren, Virginia L. Fedorowicz, Robert M. Fisher, Candace B. Guilds, Gloria J. Hackenburg, Gail B. Landers, Phillip D. Landers, Richard M. Matlack Sr., Michael H. Miller, Janice L. Overdorf, Gary A. Rising, Judith P. Shimp, Edythe R. Sober, Billie K. Spotts, Paul R. Steiger, Jocelyn T. Thomas, Francesca M. Troutman, Donna M. Vaughn and Nicholas A. Vonada.

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