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College Presenters Help Guide Girls Along Career Path

Pennsylvania College of Technology employees Katherine A. Walker and Jeannette F. Carter were among presenters at Williamsport Area School District’s first Millionaire Career Camp.

According to Carol Watson, a middle school family and consumer sciences teacher in the district who helped to host the camp, the event was designed to introduce girls to careers in science and math fields. She said women make up about 49 percent of the workforce but only 25 percent of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workforce.

“If there is a 12-year-old girl out there with the potential to become an engineer or scientist, we wanted to do our part to create opportunities for them to develop their talent and discover their passion,” Watson said.

Walker, assistant professor of drafting and computer-aided design, helped further develop one of the girls’ hands-on projects with a demonstration of computer aided design software. She spoke with the girls about her professional background and encouraged them to continue participating in events similar to Millionaire Career Camp as they plan their road to a future profession.

During her session, Carter, director of Outreach for K-12, encouraged campers to select a career that they love, and to prepare for it by achieving an education and developing skills. She also talked with the girls about developing communications skills that will help them meet and converse with adults in order to learn more about careers.

According to Watson, research shows that young women working in teams with men often assume the role of recorder, reporter or writer while young men complete the hands-on portion of the project.

“The girls-only camp provided the opportunity for the girls to experience all aspects of team projects,” she said.

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