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College Notified of Potential Reduction in State Funding

Pennsylvania College of Technology has been notified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that it along with other Pennsylvania colleges and universities faces a potential 4.25-percent reduction in state funding for 2008-09.

President Davie Jane Gilmour said President’s Council is working on a budget-adjustment plan forSpring 2009that would address the potential reduction in state funding.

The president is asking all cost-center administrators to factor in the potential loss of $556,878 in the operating budget and $59,033 in the debt-service budget if the college’s state funding allocation is reduced by the projected amount. She said administrators who are responsible for budget development will be invited to a meeting in the near future to review the status of the budget, given this turn of events, and to discuss cost-saving measures.

“Our challenge, institutionally and as individuals, is to be responsible, while maintaining a quality educational experience for our students,” Gilmour said. “Everyone can help. No effort is too small to make a difference. I have every confidence that we can work together effectively to address this potential financial shortfall. We must bring forth our best efforts to consolidate, conserve and continue to make every interaction count. Making a difference and making every dollar count are responsibilities that we all must share during these turbulent times.”

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