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College Honored for Innovative Promotion of Refund Program

Stall Wall Weekly tip leads to award Penn College’s manager of cash and investments recently attended the third HUG (Higher One User Group) National Conference in New Haven, Conn., bringing back a second-place advertisement/communications award for its “PCT OneCard Tip of the Week” in the Stall Wall Weekly. Eric D. Ranck also was a guest speaker, co-presenting with a Higher One representative a session titled “Beyond Implementation … How to Build for Success!” The session was a case study of various communications, innovations and methods Penn College used throughout the first year to make its PCT OneCard refund program successful including the regular tip in Stall Wall Weekly, an informative publication distributed to campus rest rooms by the Student Activities Office. Designed to prepare new Higher One schools for what they could expect at startup, the session provided ideas of what they could do to make their programs work. Penn College repeatedly was cited as an example in other sessions, which displayed the ideas employed on campus to present the Higher One program. A total of 27 colleges were represented at the April 14-16 conference. Higher One serves more than 300 public and private higher-education institutions throughout the country and has issued over $7.6 billion in refunds to more than 2 million students, staff and faculty.

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