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College Family’s Military Service Saluted for Veterans Day

In advance of Sunday’s observance of Veterans Day, PCToday honors the Pennsylvania College of Technology students, staff and faculty who have served (or continue to serve) our country.

Army Sgt. Spencer Richard presides over this year's community Flag March, which culminated in a ceremony outside the Student and Administrative Services Center.
Army Sgt. Spencer Richard presides over this year’s community Flag March, which culminated in a ceremony outside the Student and Administrative Services Center.

Originally known as Armistice Day, the holiday marks the end of “The Great War” (World War I) at 11 a.m. Nov. 11, 1918: “The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.”

Members of the campus community are encouraged to join in saluting these selfless colleagues along with alumni and the friends and families of Penn College students and employees who are among those we honor this weekend for their military service.


  • Rex Alfes, Air Force and Air National Guard, retired in 2002 after 22 1/2 years’ service
  • Franklin F. Babcock, Army, 1972-78
  • Sgt. Douglas J. Barnes, Marine Corps CH-53 crew chief, five years
  • PFC Anthony J. Breighner, Army Reserve, one and a half years
  • Michelle Campbell, Army, Feb. 14, 1991-Dec. 17, 1999 (also employed at Madigan Library)
  • Lisa J. Cardennis, Navy, 1985-89
  • Nicholas Chaudoin, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, four years
  • Terry E. Cropf, Army/Utah Army National Guard, 11 years
  • PFC Joseph Dugan, Marine Corps, six months
  • Spc. Bill Echols, Army National Guard, currently serving
  • AT-2 Barry L. Farr, Navy, 1982-92
  • Wayne Fenstermacher, Army, 1995-99
  • Samuel Foltz, Army, served the past two years
  • Beth Fuller, Air Force, two years’ active duty
  • Lance Cpl. Derek J. Goss, Marine Corps Reserve; June 2004-present, (including duty in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2006) with three more years to serve
  • Jeremiah J. Gee, Army (active duty) and Pennsylvania National Guard, 11 years
  • John Green, Army, July 2000-November 2003
  • Rachel Gregory, Army Reserve, December 1999-March 2007
  • Staff Sgt. Tiffany Grimes, Air Force, five years
  • Sgt. Ashley Hetrick, Army Reserve/National Guard, five and a half years, including 2004-05 deployment to Iraq (also employed at Fitness Center)
  • Robert J. Heinrich, Navy, Aviation Electronics Technician 1st Class, eight years’ active duty
  • Troy D. Hoover, Air Force, five years’ active duty
  • Staff Sgt. James Hunsinger, Army Reserve, eight years
  • Sarah Ianaro, Army National Guard, five years
  • Donald Immel, Marine Corps, four years
  • Laura Immel, Navy, three years
  • Ben Kwisnek, Army National Guard, six years (including a year in Ar Ramadi, Iraq)
  • Stephen Lachat, Army Reserve, eight years
  • PFC Jason Lehman, Marine Corps, first year of service
  • Ed Lindquist, Army and National Guard, 10 years
  • Joshua Lobecker, Navy; three years’ active duty, one year’s reserve (ongoing)
  • Sgt. George Logue, Army National Guard, five and a half years
  • Jeffrey Lopez, Air Force Reserve, three years
  • James P. Lougee, Air National Guard, ongoing service of nearly five years
  • Burton T. Maines Jr., Air Force, four years
  • James A. Martinez, Marine Corps; four years’ active duty, three years’ Individual Ready Reserve
  • Rafael C. Martinez, Army, five years, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Joseph Mood, Army Reserve, 1986-2005
  • SPC Jeremy Moyer, Army National Guard, currently serving in Iraq
  • Garrett Patterson, Army Reserve, one and a half years
  • R. Tony Phillips, Air Force (retired), 26 years’ active duty
  • Matthew Plank, Navy, eight years
  • Travis M. Rupert, Army, Aug. 14, 2001-June 20, 2007 (including service in Operation Iraqi Freedom I and III)
  • Jeremy Rusczyk, Army National Guard, six years
  • Cpl. Steven Sample, Marine Corps, 2002-present
  • Andrew Schiel, Marine Corps, one and a half years
  • Sue Smyth, Army l ieutenant, 1986-90
  • Kevin Steinbacher, Navy, 10 years
  • Jeff Swank, Air Force, 1979-83
  • Roberto J. Valentin, Navy,six years
  • Vincent Anthony Valoroso, Navy E-5, eight and a half years
  • Brian Webster, Navy and Pennsylvania Army National Guard, eight years total
  • Stephen Wertz, Marine Corps and Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 10 years
  • Allen P. Williams, Navy, Oct. 27, 1992-June 30, 1997
  • Michael Willoughby, Army, nine years, currently in reserve component
  • Jeremy Wood, Army, 2000-04
  • Lauren Yendzik, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, six and a half years’ service with one deployment to Iraq
  • Eric Young, Air Force, 21 1/2 years
  • Evan Zupich, Army, four years’ active duty


  • Clifford Coppersmith, Army Reserve, 12 years
  • Randall K. Curry, Air Force, 10 years
  • Charles A. Duda, Navy, four years
  • Ray Fischer, sergeant first class, Army Reserve (retired), 20 years
  • SFC James J. Folmar (retired), Army (active and reserve), 28 years
  • William Bo Hagaman, Army, 1989-96
  • John Kehoe, Navy; two years’ active duty, six years reserve
  • Joseph O. King, National Guard, two years
  • Dan Manetta, Army captain, four years’ active duty
  • David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and Pennsylvania Army National Guard (1983-86)
  • Michael H. Miller, Army, three years
  • John C. Phillips Jr., Navy, 20 years
  • Heidi A. Samsel, Air Force, 1989-92
  • James K. Shillenn, Army, three years
  • Rick Smith, Air Force, four years
  • Robert Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
  • Lt. Col. Nate Smyth, Army (retired), 1985-2006
  • Kimberly Venti, Air Force, four years
  • Steve Wallace, Army, 20 years
  • Colin Williamson, Navy, 20 years


  • David C. Dietrick, Navy, 1966-70
  • Stephen Duna, Marine Corps, 1973-77
  • Kenneth P. Dytrt, Army; two years’ active duty, one year active reserve
  • Lawrence W. Emery Jr., Air Force, 1966-70 (Vietnam Era)
  • John M. Good III, Army, five years
  • Perry Gotschal, Coast Guard, 1964-69
  • Walter Gower, Marine Corps, active duty and reserve, 22 years
  • Robert B. Gudgel, Army Reserve, 27 years
  • Edgar A. Hollingsworth, Army captain (active duty), Army Reserve major; 20 years
  • Ken Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76
  • Walt Landen, Navy captain (retired), 1965-92
  • Eugene McAvoy, Navy, 1980-88
  • David Slavish, Navy, 1988-93
  • Lawrence P. Stabler Sr., Air Force, Oct. 21, 1954-May 9, 1963
  • Col. William Urosevich, Army, 30 years
  • Claude Witts, Marine Corps, 1988-92
  • Tom Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, August 1970-July 2001
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