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College Council Approves List of Governance Committee Members

The appointees listed below received College Council approval by a majority e-mail vote on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Alfred Thomas, the winner of the tie-breaker election for the open Transportation Technology faculty position on the Curriculum Committee. (A complete roster of all committee members soon will be posted to the Governance Web site .) Thanks to all who participated.

College Council Faculty-Construction and Design Technologies − Robert HeiserFaculty-Hospitality − Judy Shimp

Academic Standards and Issues Faculty-Hospitality − Mary TrometterFaculty-Natural Resources Management − Mike Dincher

CurriculumFaculty-Hospitality − Sue MajorFaculty-Transportation Technology − Al Thomas* (won election tie-breaker) Faculty-Health Sciences − Marie Smith (two-year term)

FacilitiesATHS − David RichardsSASC − David KayACC − Solomon Francis

Long-Range Planning Faculty-Librarians and Counselors − Tracey AmeyFaculty-Health Sciences − Pamela SchappertFaculty-Transportation Technology − Tom InmanClassified/Service − Karen Wright

Student AffairsAPT-Student Affairs − Danielle Whipple

Positions Still Open College Council Faculty-Industrial and Engineering Technologies Service

Curriculum Faculty-Natural Resources Management

Facilities ESC/ATC/AVC/NC

Human Resources Service

Pending Positions (Appointees recently identified) Facilities CC/FF/GYM

Human Resources Faculty-At Large Faculty-At Large Service

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