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College Community’s Military Service Recognized for Veterans Day

Pennsylvania College of Technology's 1,800-square-foot American flag flies proudly outside the Student and Administrative Services Center.On this Veterans Day, PCToday honors the Pennsylvania College of Technology students and employees who have served (or continue to serve) in the United States military.

“We take this time to recognize those brave men and women in the military who have served our country and the sacrifices they have made for freedom and democracy. We also honor those who have gone before us and made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to their belief in the United States of America and what we stand for,” said Joann Kay, the college’s coordinator of veterans services. ” To all our military students, faculty, staff and alumni, Penn College salutes you.”

Members of the college community are encouraged to join in paying tribute to these campus colleagues, who are among those we recognize:


  • Jason A. Baier, four years’ active duty, Air Force
  • Chet Beaver, 25 years, Army (retired)
  • Faye Bonawitz-Carlson, five years’ active duty, Navy
  • Scott Brockway, Army, October 1984-October 1987
  • Dana Brown, Army, four years
  • Crystal Butler, Marine Corps, 2006-09
  • Lisa J. Cardennis, Navy, 1985-89
  • J.C. Carlson, Navy (retired), 21 years of service; as a Work-Study student, he is a Veterans Certifying Official in the college’s Financial Aid Office
  • James Carr III, active duty, Army (June 2003-June 2008); Pennsylvania Army National Guard (July 2008-June 2009)
  • G. Michael Davis, Air Force, 1980-84
  • Steve Doud, Navy, 1984-91
  • Barry L. Farr, Navy, (retired), 1982-92
  • Clinton Farrar, active Army for four and a half years, now serving in Army Reserve
  • Samuel P. Ferster, Marine Corps (retired), September 1987-September 2007
  • Helen M. Frye, Navy, February 2001-present (including a one-year tour in Iraq)
  • Jack Hallmark, more than 20 years’ service, Army
  • Clint Hinton, six years, Air Force
  • Matthew Hyde, seven years, Army
  • Nathan Hyde, seven years, Air Force
  • Elliot W. Jones, five years’ service in Army National Guard
  • Tim Kemberling, active duty, Army (November 2005-November 2009), two deployments to Iraq; Army Reserve, November 2009-present
  • Tammy Kilpatrick (Koons), Navy, six years
  • Kevin King Jr., serving his eighth year with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard (including deployment to Afghanistan from December 2007-December 2008 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom)
  • Raymond S. Knight II, Army, 2004-present (including Iraq in 2005-06 and Afghanistan in 2008)
  • Kimberly A. Kohler, Navy, 1983-2005
  • Dylan Lackey, National Guard, two years to present
  • Traci LaRose-Lownes, six years’ active duty, Army
  • Jeff Lee, nine years’ active duty, Army
  • Adam Leichliter, Navy, 2004-08
  • Thomas Lloyd, Navy, 2001-06
  • Mario Moreno, Army, September 2001-December 2006 (including two years, three months in Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • Megan Nestel, four and a half years, Navy
  • Zack Newfang, five years’ active duty. Marines
  • Gavin O’Brien, eight years (and still serving), Army
  • Garrett P. Patterson, five years’ service, Army Reserves (including Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • Lisa Paz, Navy, 1999-2006
  • Cheryl Powell, 23+ years, Navy
  • Jamie Rager, 14 years (still serving), Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Operation Iraqi Freedom (2005-06)
  • John C. Ripka Jr., service in Navy, Army and Marine Corps, retiring in 2007. (An operating-room employee of Jersey Shore Hospital, he also sits on the college’s Surgical Technology Advisory Board)
  • Barry A. Romberger II, Marine Corps, February 2001-July 2008
  • Steve Root, Army, 2001-present
  • Frederick L. Roupp, Air Force, 1983-88
  • Robert J. Rowse Jr., Army, 20 years
  • John Schwenk, 22 1/2 years of active duty service, Army (retired)
  • Michael Stadtler, Air Force (six years) and New York Air National Guard (three years)
  • Jarrod Taylor, Navy, January 2006-January 2010
  • Bruce Tymeson, Marines, active duty (1987-96)
  • Joseph Van Hulle, 22 years, Marine Corps and Army
  • Douglas Weber, Navy, five years’ service
  • Curtis McCoy Woodson, Army, 1989-96
  • Terry Lee Yocum III, Marines, 2005-10


  • Terry A. Girdon, Army (retired), active duty from 1964-92
  • John M. Good III, Army,1980-85
  • Perry Gotschal, Coast Guard,1964-69
  • Walter Gower, 22 years, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves
  • Richard R. Motter Jr., Navy, 1969-74
  • Michele Robbins, Army active duty, 1989-92
  • Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force (retired), 1954-63
  • Nicholas A. Vonada, Army (retired), 27 years including service in Vietnam, the first Gulf War and the Balkan Crisis in Bosnia/Kosovo
  • Dennis R. Williams, Army, 1968-74
  • Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 30 years


  • Kenneth L. Berry, Army, 1975-78 (also a student)
  • Clifford Coppersmith, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, 1984-98
  • Randall K. Curry, 10 years of service, Air Force
  • Raymond J. Fischer, Army/Army Reserves (retired), 20 years
  • Frank Hendershot, Marine Corps, (served in Vietnam, 1968-69)
  • Eugene A. McAvoy, Navy, 1980-88
  • William MacInnis, Navy, 1992-94
  • Dan Manetta, four years’ active duty, Army
  • David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and Army National Guard (1982-85)
  • Larry L. Michael, Air Force, 1968-72
  • Sam Morgante, Navy, 20 years (retired)
  • Walt Nyman, Army, 1967-70
  • Heidi A. Samsel, Air Force, 1989-92
  • Walter Shultz Jr., Navy, May 1993-May 1999
  • Robert Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
  • Rick Smith, Air Force, 1967-71
  • Kimberly Venti, Air Force, four years
  • Steve Wallace, Army, 20 years
  • Hank White, Air Force, four and a half years
  • Colin Williamson, Naval Reserve, 20 years
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