College Co-Workers Take Respite for Centennial Fun

Retirees and employees pass through the Field House, hoping to hit paydirt in the "Ticket to Win It" raffle.

President Davie Jane Gilmour (right) and colleagues put their best feet (and hands) forward in a lively game of 3-D Twister. Clockwise from left are Carolyn R. Strickland, assistant vice president for academic services; Sue A. Mahaffey, coordinator of academic services; and Kendel F. Baier, stock clerk/cashier in The College Store.

The Student Affairs teams of "Staff Infection" and "Staff Infection B" combined for four game-day wins:  kickball, tug-of-war, volleyball and Wiffle ball.

Matt R. Haile, a network specialist in Information Technology Services – and the Wildcats' golf coach – tries his hand in a Ladder Golf match.

Employees enjoy picnic fare such as pulled pork, chicken, cole slaw and cupcakes.

Penn College threw open the brief window between finals and commencement and welcomed its employees to a semester-ending Centennial Picnic on the Athletic Field on Friday. Surrounded by goodwill and sunshine, co-workers and retirees enjoyed food from Acme Barbecue (prepared by owner/culinary alumnus George E. Logue III) and a healthy spirit of cooperation in games that tested skill, coordination, stamina and brain power.

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Thank you very much for the picnic; it was a wonderful break from work. I hope we can do this again. Thank you to all who had a part in putting it together – great job! Thank you, Penn College, for giving all employees a chance to have fun. Penn College is the best place to work!

Posted by Wanda Engel at May 13, 2014 at 8:48 am