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College Co-Workers Beat Odds in Powerball Consolation Prize

Wednesday’s astoundingly huge Powerball jackpot, which ultimately will be split by players in Arizona and Missouri, eluded Pennsylvanians who nonetheless helped push the multistate total to a record $587.5 million. A group of Penn College employees, however – mostly from Dining Services, but joined by a few in other departments – have a $10,000 winner among its pile of tickets. The computer-drawn entry is one of only 29 in the commonwealth to match four of the five numbers chosen (5-16-22-23-29), plus the Powerball (6). Rick D. Wyland, dining services manager, said the employees have been playing off and on for the past 10 years or so, pooling their cash whenever jackpots rise beyond $100 million. “Up to this drawing, we have never won more than a few dollars, and we always have put it back into the next drawing,” said Wyland, who will travel to Middletown to file the official claim form. “I have been pretty much in charge of collecting and buying the tickets, so I will get the money then distribute the winnings to all who played,” he said. Once taxes are deducted, Wyland estimated, each of the 45 co-workers will keep about $150. “Not a large amount per person, but a nice New Year’s bonus for us all.” The odds of their accomplishment? One in 648,976, according to lottery officials.

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