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Chef Paul to Prepare Paella for Penn College Library Program

To celebrate National Ethnic Foods Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month, Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Chef Paul Mach will cook paella – a Spanish national heritage dish prepared in a special pan at the College Library at noon on Friday, Sept. 27.

A rustic, saffron-flavored rice dish, paella is prepared using a specific production method and key ingredients that vary, depending upon their availability in a particular region.

Paella has been adopted around the world and is often adapted to make use of the freshest ingredients and flavors. The largest paella ever made weighed more than 28 tons and fed 110,000 people.

The College community and public are invited to be a part of the production and tasting of the largest (and only) paella ever made at the College Library, located in the Learning Resources Center at Penn College.

Mach, an assistant professor of food and hospitality management/culinary arts in the School of Hospitality, is the recipient of the College’s Master Teacher Award. He is also co-host of Penn College’s popular cooking series on national public television, “You’re the Chef,” which recently was nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award.

The paella program is being sponsored by the International Studies Office, the School of Hospitality and the College Library.

For more information about the library, call (570) 327-4523, or visit online.

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