Chef Paul Prepares Flavorful Fall Antidote to Seasonal Chill

Jeffrey A. Bower, Madigan Library's virtual resources developer, and librarian Judy F. McConnell are enlisted to caramelize vegetables.

Nina M. Johnstonbaugh, a hospitality management student from Mill Hall, and Logan VanHorn, a culinary arts technology major from Mifflintown, also donned aprons for vital assistance.

Chef Paul E. Mach gestures toward the soup kettle, where an aromatic blend of ingredients teases his audience.

The day's helpers take one of several taste tests, ensuring their chowder is fit for public consumption.

After a half-hour's temptation of watching Chef Paul & Co. prepare lunch, School of Hospitality students relish the outcome.

A timely Madigan Library Forum – “Harvest Cooking:  Fall Into Soup,” featuring Chef Paul E. Mach, was held at lunchtime Tuesday on the  Bookmarks Café patio. Joined by School of Hospitality students and recruiting library personnel as “kitchen” staff, the assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts served up an autumn bounty of ingredients (amply seasoned with his signature blend of know-how, wit and showmanship).  Attendees not only enjoyed “Chef Paul’s Home Chowder” on the premises,  but were given a copy of the recipe for when another “soup day” is in the forecast.

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