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Characters Coming to Life for Wildcat Comic Con Costume Contest

This April, Pennsylvania College of Technology may look more like a film production set filled with characters out of a science fiction, fantasy or superhero movie, as comics fans invade dressed as their favorite characters for the Wildcat Comic Con.

The unprecedented event, set for April 13-14 on the college’s main campus in Williamsport, will combine professional-development sessions on comics and graphic novels and a range of “fan-friendly” activities that run the gamut from anime to zombies.

The term “cosplay” or costume play is one most likely to be associated with comic cons, or comic conventions, across North America and Asia. Though it may sound like something you would find at Halloween, cosplay is a hobby and a passion for adults as well as young men and women and it can mean investing hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars and hours into the design and creation of a costume.

“Cosplay isn’t just about admiration for an anime or game. It’s also about expressing yourself, stepping outside your comfort zone through the putting on of a costume,” said Tracey Amey, librarian for access initiatives at Penn College’s Madigan Library and coordinator of the Wildcat Comic Con’s cosplay contest. “It doesn’t just challenge your costuming or makeup skills. It challenges you to open yourself up to new experiences.”

Who is into cosplay? Fans come from all walks of life and all age ranges; it all depends on their specific interests. Costume players are inspired by their own unique interests, whether they have been comics fans for their whole lives or are watching the newest anime series.

Costume designs can range from Naruto, Pokémon and Power Rangers to “Star Wars” and “Star Trek,” along with superheroes like Green Lantern, Wolverine, Batman or Wonder Woman.

Whether the fans are into “Star Wars,” Halo or the X-Men, they can invest as much into the look and quality of their costumes as others would invest in Civil War uniforms for battlefield re-enactments. Fans strive for authenticity and accuracy for costumes inspired by video games, comics or anime. In the world of Steam Punk, however, fans endeavor to blend originality and ingenuity with antique-looking technology and Victorian fashion.

Wildcat Comic Con will host a costume contest to celebrate the efforts of these dedicated fans; the top three winning entries will win cash prizes. A special venue will be set up both days, with photographers snapping pictures of each costume for judging purposes. The top 25 participants will be invited back for announcement of the results on the afternoon of April 14.

More about the cosplay contest including guidelines and an entry form, as well as overall registration for the two-day Wildcat Comic Con is available online.

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