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Championship Teams Recognized During Basketball Game

Members of the Wildcat men's soccer team are acknowledged for their championship Some of the season's title-winning runners celebrate their cross-country success Fans' donations of winter clothes, destined for The Salvation Army Under the eye of Lisa J. Worth, coordinator for club sports, intramural sports and marketing for athletics, a contestant lets loose his half-court effort The Student Athlete Advisory Committee held a game-day promotion at Wednesday’s women’s basketball game, honoring the Penn State University Athletic Conference champion cross-country and men’s soccer teams. It was the ninth consecutive PSUAC championship for the cross-country runners, four of whom were named to this year’s all-conference team. There also were four all-conference honorees on the men’s soccer squad, which captured its second conference title in as many years. There also was a halftime game for students who donated a winter hat, gloves or mittens for The Salvation Army: Dining Services offered a $100 declining-balance meal plan to anyone who could sink a half-court shot in one try. (No one did.) The SAAC also gave away hand clappers or mini-throw basketballs to fans.
Photos by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural specialist, and Whitnie-rae Mays, student photographer

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