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Center for Career Design helps transform tomorrow … today

The Center for Career Design at Pennsylvania College of Technology is earning high marks from visitors. Physician assistant students were among the first to use the center’s free resources for all things career-related. Located as part of College Relations on the third floor of the Madigan Library, the facility brings together students, alumni and industry partners to benefit tomorrow’s workforce. The center’s offerings include resume/cover letter development, free business cards and professional clothing options, as well as space for interviews and networking. “One day, we will be in the real world, having to do interviews, having to make final edits to our resumes, as well as talking to people in a professional manner, as well as in a professional setting,” Bryan M. Bilbao, a physician assistant studies major from Old Forge, says in a video about the center. “So it was very cool to come over here and try to encompass all of those things into one.”

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Physician assistant students at Pennsylvania College of Technology were among the first to visit the school’s new Center for Career Design. The facility is home to College Relations and features numerous free services to assist students with all things career-related. The center also offers ample networking and conference space to facilitate interaction among students, alumni and industry partners.
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