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Centennial Booklet Combines Nostalgia, Interactivity and Benefits Students

Centennial booklet on sale in The College Store, online Joan M. Gilbert, head cashier/customer service liaison, right, and Antoinette M. Giannattasio, cashier/stock clerk, pore over vintage photographs in retrospective publicationPurchase your piece of history today and support the Penn College Endowed Alumni Scholarship. The Countdown to the Centennial has begun with the publication of a new booklet featuring images and text from the 2009 retrospective, “Were You There? The Evolution of a College Campus.” The booklet is available for sale through The College Store (in store and online ). More details are available on the Web where you also have the opportunity to help identify individuals in some of the photos featured in the retrospective. Net proceeds from the sale of the booklet will become permanently restricted funds that will be invested to create income used for annual scholarship awards from the Penn College Endowed Alumni Scholarship. This is a great opportunity to add to your collection of memories and to share others’ recollections of our history. It also makes a great gift for friends, family and associates who are connected with Penn College and its forerunners.

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