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Celebrity Chef/Author Rocky Fino to Visit Campus

Rocky FinoRocky Fino, celebrity chef and author of “Will Cook for Sex: A Guy’s Guide to Cooking,” will visit Pennsylvania College of Technology on Thursday, Feb. 17.

Fino will spend the day cooking across campus and interacting with students as part of Sexual Responsibility Week (Feb. 14-18).

He knows the titles of his books give readers a chuckle, but, when it comes down to showing men that cooking for a woman doesn’t have to be intimidating, the culinary writer and presenter takes his mission very seriously.

“As men single or married we are challenged with enamoring our significant others,” he says. “There is no better chance to show her your affection than in the kitchen.”

Fans old and new will be able to attend a book-signing from 8-9:30 a.m. in the Keystone Dining Room Lobby and catchFino as he does some show cooking in the Capitol Eatery (10-11:30 a.m.) and in CC Commons (5-6 p.m.). He will impress with a knife-skills demonstration in the Keystone Dining Room (noon-2 p.m.) by showing various techniques such as dicing, match-sticking cuts, slicing and julienne.

Fino’s day at Penn College will end with a presentation and book-signing in the Keystone Dining Room at 8 p.m. As in his books and cooking demonstrations, his presentation will focus on the importance of chivalry and respect in a relationship and ways for men and women to show their appreciation for one another. Amusing anecdotes about his own trials and errors will reassure men (and, often, women) that they, too, can impress a date by developing some basic confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Fino’s first book, ” Will Cook for Sex,” published by Stephen’s Press in 2005, won ForeWord Magazine’s Cookbook of the Year” award and has received praise from publications such as Men’s Health Magazine, Maxim, Hooters Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer and St. Petersburg Times.

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