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Caterpillar Simulator Students’ Foul-Weather Friend

Eric J. Buckley operates a Caterpillar simulator, under the helpful eye of instructor Budd Greevy Despite the uncooperative weather conditions at the start of the semester, heavy construction equipment technology students were not hampered by rain. Students have been able to continue to maintain and improve their operating skill sets with the use of a second-generation Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor Simulator. Andrew Cardinal, with CaterpillarCorp., and Josh Colbert, from Cleveland Brothers, teamed up with Budd Greevy, a diesel equipment technology instructor at Penn College, to secure the loaned simulator to the students’ benefit. Simulators create an environment in which new operators can familiarize themselves with the controls and envision real-life situations, while providing a safe and economical setting for training. In addition to the fuel savings and safety, Greevy enjoys the opportunity to provide direction and immediate feedback to students. Novice and seasoned operators alike benefit from the use of simulators at a training site.Beginners have the opportunity to apply the theory learned in the classroom, while veteran operators advance and master the skills to increase productivity. “I didn’t have any ‘dozer experience and it was unnerving to me to do this type of work with no previous experience,” said student Eric J. Buckley, a heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis major from Lebanon. “The CAT simulator made me much more comfortable when I finally climbed into the seat of an actual ‘dozer.” Photo by Carol A. Lugg, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management

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