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Career Standards Web Site Adds Content, Functionality

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released significant revisions to the Career Education and Work Standards Toolkit, a Web site designed as a resource for the state’s school districts as they implement the Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards. The site is maintained by the Outreach for K-12 Office at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The Career Education and Work (CEW) Standards are part of the state Board of Education’s regulations of required education for all students in Pennsylvania. The standards address four areas of knowledge: career awareness and preparation, career acquisition (getting a job), career retention and advancement, and entrepreneurship.

The Web site was created as a project of the Department of Education’s Bureau of Career and Technical Education and the Career Development Leaders Network. The network a group of the state’s career development experts and the Web site are facilitated by the Outreach for K-12 Office at Penn College, which has added both content and functionality to the site.

The electronic “toolkit” offers materials developed specifically for schools to implement the Career Education and Work Standards which were enacted in 2006 as well as links to other resources, serving as a single gateway for educators to find resources, references and other tools. It was used as a major resource to help 90 educators who attended the Governor’s Institute for Career Education and Work at Penn College in July.

While the Web site targets the educational community, parents and students can also find information that could help them make career choices, explained Jeannette Carter, director of the Outreach for K-12 Office.

The Career Development Leaders Network, which was chaired by Carter, was funded by a $30,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education, through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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