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Career Services Hosts ‘Dinner Etiquette’ Event for Students

The art of dinner conversation Student group pilots program Le Jeune Chef Making a selection The first Career Services’ Etiquette Dinner, a learning opportunity for student job-seekers, took place Wednesday in Le Jeune Chef. Space was limited for the pilot program, but the event nonetheless was termed a “wonderful opportunity” for students to have a full-course meal at a fine-dining restaurant. “Faculty/staff from Penn College’s School of Hospitality were present to guide the students through the do’s and don’t’s of dining etiquette, which will be very useful in any professional setting especially if the students have an interview/meeting/conference over dinner,” said Dana R. Suter, job location and development coordinator. Feedback from students indicated that it was a very useful and helpful event that should continue to be offered, added Suter (who also provided the photos). Students who participated are Scott M. Elicker; Carla S. Flor; Kathryn A. Foster, Alyssa J. Giedroc, Stephanie J. Irvine, Kayla L. Kehres; Francisco J. Marin Ortega, Tyler L. Walter and Juliette K. Yeager.

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