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Card-Scanning Devices Installed on Copiers for Employee Use

Mail and Document Services has installed employee ID card-scanning devices on several copiers across campus. Employees can swipe their ID cards at these copiers rather than using department PINs. Unlike department PINs, which are only recognized by one or two copiers, employee ID cards are recognized at any copier equipped with the new scanning device.

The devices also have keypads that allow employees to key in their ID numbers or, for now, continue to enter their department PINs. In the future, however, department PINs will be discontinued.

Instructions for using the new devices are available on the Mail & Document Services Web site. The newly equipped copiers are available initially to employees only, in these locations:

  • Earth Science Center (break area and outside Room 104)
  • College Avenue Labs (outside Room 140)
  • Library
  • Lifelong Education Center (outside School of Hospitality)
  • Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center (atrium, outside Room E134 and outside the dental labs)
  • Klump Academic Center (first and second floor near vending machines, Tutoring Center and outside Room 102)
  • Bush Campus Center (hallway near Student Activities)

Eventually, all campus copiers will be equipped with the ID card-scanning devices and student use will be permitted in select locations. Watch PCToday for updates.

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